My Family

My Family
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Things I never dreamed I'd be saying....

Life in our house is .....well.....interesting.

But, to be honest I reallly don't think about the way we may look to the outside world.  Or what they may think when Lucas's legs get tired and suddenly I find myself walking through a museum carrying 2 prosthetic legs with shoes attached and a punky little boy with no feet trailing behind (well, the truth is, he is usually running ahead of me faster than I can keep up with--yes with no feet).  

It's actually kind of funny sometimes because he is running so fast and then they look at him more closely and kind of furrow their brow and then look at him again and look at me.  Nobody has really actually said anything yet.  Although I've found myself turning the cart once in a while so his legs are tight against me if he is sitting in it with no legs on.  Kids are the ones who really stare and I can see they are ready to "launch" with something.  So far, Lucas is still unashamed and not self conscious about it at all.

I never dreamed I'd be saying things like this on a regular basis...

"Get your legs on!"
"You can't leave your legs laying in the middle of the floor for people to trip over!"
"Yes, when we go out you HAVE to wear your legs.  All of us have to wear shoes when we go to the store, so you need to wear your legs."

life in our house.
not a big deal

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