My Family

My Family
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

a Grammy "A War"...

Our house is all a flutter this evening as we are apparently talking about "A War"....
Lucas and I were excitedly chatting downstairs about the Grammy Awards...
We found out Chris Tomlin won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album  And If Our God is For Us...  Since he leads worship at our church we are all flippy excited for him.
Lucas even called daddy with my cell phone while he was working upstairs to tell him the news.

Now, these are the moments when we realize there are still little gaps in the fine tuning of English 101.

A few minutes later we went to take a bath, and Lucas went into Peter's office.  He was very concerned about Chris.  He told Peter,
"Chris might get injured".  
"He might get shot"
Peter was very confused.  Apparently getting a Grammy is very dangerous???
 He might get killed in "A --WAR"!
"with Army Guys"

The precious boy thought we were talking about Chris being in A WAR...not getting an awarD!!

I think we have it cleared up now.  He should be able to sleep knowing Chris is perfectly safe and happy!=)  and going home with an awarDDD! not going off to WAR!

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  1. Precious, is all I can say! Daniel thought this was great! I know this will bring a smile to Chris' face... :-D