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My Family
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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Prayer Warriors Called into Action-Day 2

If you haven't yet read what this is all about here is the reason we are praying.

Before I share the request for Day 2 let me share a precious gift God has given us.

Our sweet Emma has been one tough yet tender hearted young lady.  She is strong but also kind.  Yet, it has taken some time for her to allow us to hug and kiss her as we would any of our other kiddos.  We don't know the reasons for that other than it does require someone to be vulnerable.  We are very touchy feely people that love to give hugs.  We do not suspect anyone ever harmed her.  Yet, we have given her the necessary space she has needed over time.

Well, recently around her birthday--and approximately 3 1/2 months home, we started seeing more affection.  We're taking it slowly, but it's been such a gift to see her opening herself up and saying "I love you" without prompting, and even giving hugs.  Big brother Isaac got a REALLY big hug when he left for college the first weekend in September.  It was precious.

As a part of that whole puzzle, I attempted to do something called an "Aromatouch Massage" to her early on.  This is not truly a "massage" but it's an essential oil application technique where I apply about 8 different essential oils to the back and feet.  It takes almost an hour.  Everyone I have done it to has loved it, including both of our younger boys and friends.  Emma could NOT sit still for it. She was very tickelish, and jumpy and kept asking when it would be done. So I didn't do it to her again.

But, with the preparation for her surgery, I really wanted to get some oils integrated into her system to get it prepared for what's about to come. I want to support her immune system, her nervous system, her endocrine system, etc.  So, I asked her a few days ago if I could.  I took it slowly.  And I'm only doing it up and down her spine, very slowly and then around the base of her spine VERY slowly so she doesn't get jumpy.

For those interested in "which" oils I'm using, the brand is DoTerra oils because I trust them with my life and my kids lives--VERY pure HERE is a link to my website if interested in learning more.

But, here are the oils I've selected:

Balance, Melalueca(Tea Tree Oil), Frankincense, Deep Blue (blend), Helicrysum, and Marjoram

and last night I decided I'm going to alternate with Arborvitae, Cypress, and Juniper Berry because we want her kidneys also supported.

The first night she fidgeted a bit.  But, by nights 2 and 3 and last night, she was so relaxed she fell asleep.  This is SUCH A GIFT from the Lord.  I cannot tell you.  For her to let me just massage up and down her spine with oils and bless her and pray over her is HUGE!  I believe God is using these oils in so many ways as I look around me I'm amazed.

I'm also giving her some vitamin supplements from DoTerra, some probiotics, and something called DDR Prime which should support her cellular function.

So our prayer request today:

Emma's physical body would be getting ready to recieve what is about to happen.  That every nerve, every cell, every tissue would be getting ready so that the doctors can see clearly how to help her, and healing can come in ways we do not expect.  

please feel free to add additional prayers on getting her body ready.  we'd love to hear how God is speaking to you to pray.

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  1. How beautifully God is moving in your family.
    Sweet Emma has ALL she needs -
    A Praying, Loving, Patient, Selfless Mommy ❤️