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My Family
Summer 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Prayer Warriors Called Into Action-Day 4

HERE is the link to the reason we are praying.

Tonight as I was putting the essential oils on Emma, I took pause as I came to the Melaleuca oil.  Some may be more familiar with the term Tea Tree Oil.  The reason I am using this oil in preparation for her surgery is to help prepare her body for healing, to help promote healthy immune function and possibly guard against other threats to her body.

(melaleuca comes from the tea tree plant)

So that led me to pray Protection over her from any outside influences or threats that could hinder her healing process. And to encourage her immune system to be prepared for whatever lies on the horizon.  Also, for protection ahead of surgery from any "threats" to her immune system, ie bladder or kidney infections, colds/flu, or any other illnesses because those things could postpone or delay the procedure as well.

As we all know hospitals are a helpful place, but they are also a place where sick people go.  REALLY sick people.  And we have been told Emma will likely be in Intensive Care for a few days if not the entire time she is there.  That means she is also going to be where the REALLY sick people could possibly be.  I'm typically not a paranoid person, so this is just a request that her body is in such good condition, that this is simply not an issue.  Even the doctor said he stops doing these surgeries from late October to March (unless completely necessary) because there simply is no reason to invite trouble.

So today's prayer request:

Emma's body would be getting prepared in every way possible for this surgery and be in the best shape possible to combat any threats to her immune system or healing process.  

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