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My Family
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Monday, September 28, 2015

Prayer Warriors Called Into Action-Day 5

If you want to know the details on why we are praying go HERE and read the post.  It will give you some backround and reason for our Prayers over the next several weeks.

Tonight (9/27) we went to a Moon Festival celebration at the local Chinese school/temple up the road from us where the kids go to classes on Saturdays.  It was an interesting experience to be a part of another culture yet in America with our Chinese born kids.  This is the first time we actually went into the "temple" part of the building.  I felt a little like a fish out of water.  When we began to sing songs about their beliefs, I got a little uncomfortable.  But, really there is nothing to be afraid of.  We are covered by the Blood of Jesus whereever we go. And we are light no matter where we go. These very peaceable people just celebrating a traditional festival and they allowed us to join in.  There is privilege in that.

The saddest part for me was a line in one of the songs that talked about needing to be on the path to perfection.  And that is the way to heaven.  It was hard because I cannot imagine trying to be perfect enough to get into heaven.  I'm so grateful that Jesus made the way and broke down the barriers for us so we can call on His Name ourselves and realize He Did It All. We serve Him with our lives, yes.  But, we don't have to earn our way to heaven.  It was a free gift from God.

I explain all of that, because tonight when I was massaging the essential oils onto Emma, I came to the Frankincense and realized what should be obvious---this is a spiritual journey as well as a physical one. I'm not sure what our kids were taught about spiritual things, but I would like to boldly pray off any curses or generational junk that has followed our kids.

(frankincense comes from the tree resin of the boswallia sacra tree in Somalia)

Frankincense helped me remember this spiritual piece tonight.

It is such a powerful oil, many call it the "King" of all oils.  Think about it.  Frankincense was good enough to be given as one of the gifts to the baby Jesus.
I can only imagine why but I do know a few things:
1.  It has the ability to pass through the blood brain barrier--I won't go into details about that, but it's powerful.
2.  It helps fight against inflamation in the body.
3.  It has properties to aid the body in repair of tissue.
4.  Promotes feelings of relaxation
5.  supports healthy cellular function
6. promotes feelings of relaxation
and more.

So could you pray these things tonight? These prayers are not for the faint of heart or people afraid of tapping into some heavy stuff...=)

1.  Pray OFF any spiritual baggage that came with Emma (and Joshua if you'd like to pray for him tonight too)--generational curses, spiritual baggage, ties that bind her to something that is not Truth.
2.  Pray the BLOOD OF JESUS to cover her inside and out.  
3.  Pray for her to come to Know Jesus personally and truly understand His LOVE for her
4.  Pray the Frankincense Oil will also aid her in being open to recieving what Jesus has for her. There is something about it that I cannot fully explain that takes me deeper spiritually--and in particular feelings about "Father".  May she know the LOVE of her earthly Father as well as her heavenly Father.

to God be the Glory!!

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