My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Monday, May 28, 2012

"Does he call you mom?"

Someone asked me that the other day at the swimming pool.

I really have not had that question before.  It is a common question asked of adoptive families.  I knew it would come someday.

It was part of a greater discussion we were having about Lucas and his adoption and his surgery, etc.  I would really rather have people ask about Lucas's story and answer their questions directly than have them wonder about it.  So the discussion was good.  But, that question just caught me off guard a little bit.

I just said "yes, he calls me mom.  He never knew another mom".  And let it rest at that.

I try not to let the fact that people are just uninformed about things get in the way of my emotional response.   But, ocassionally, I do have to say questions like that surprise me.

So, if you have a question.  Even if it is a question like "Does he call you mom?"...please just ask.  And I hope I respond with Grace.  =)


  1. You are correct about our responses to others. We are usually caught off guard and quickly taken aback by such questions. I hope I always respond gracefully and not huffy. Yes, we can easily tire of the frequent stares and questions, but this is the life we chose. We aren't movie stars, but we a bit different than most families.

  2. Yep Cheri, I totally agree. It opens us up to interesting conversation that is for sure. And for the most part I think people ask questions just because they are curious. I never want to make them feel bad for wanting to talk about it. (unless they are rude--then I have less patience) But, for the most part I feel like I am responsible to educate and inform people if they really sincerely want to know. Of course I've only been at this just over a year---we'll see if i continue to carry the torch well...=) I may fail on occassion and if I do--please forgive me. =)