My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Praying for My Children

This morning I was sitting and journaling and praying, and looked at the table in front of me and realized how targeted my prayers and worship are right now.  These are the "tools" I'm using and I am LOVING it!

The Power of a Praying Parent
Satan You Can't Have My Children
my "ring binder" of verses, etc. that I love to use.
I also have a journal, not shown.

I'm not sharing this to say "wow what a great person am I"...but instead to show how God has brought so many pieces together for this season of my life.  We have been under "attack" from many angles recently. And my children are getting added focused prayer and attention right now.  

I also just got 2 books delivered from Amazon yesterday to hopefully help us better understand some things going on lately with Lucas.

Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control
Caleb's Story

Speaking of Lucas, he just woke up and is roaring like a lion up in his room...hmmmmmm may prove to be a very interesting day at our house.

On Sunday, our dear Christy Nockels vulnerably shared a sweet tender song with us called Wonderful. I LOVE IT....

She also talked about how Satan will often try to "steal our song"....but, we need to say "no" to that and continue to praise Jesus.  Here it is...enjoy...


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  2. Heidi,

    Another book I would HIGHLY recommend is about prayer and call The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. It isn't specifically about our children, but the concepts taught in the book are about circling all of our life in prayer. This book was a life changer for my husband and I. I can't begin to recommend this book enough.


  3. Awesome...let me get through what I've got and I will head into that next...=)