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My Family
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

GA Aquarium sad news...and Blind Side

Lucas has been to the aquarium several times this spring and was anxiously awaiting the birth of their first baby Beluga whale.
Unfortunately I found out today through some research that the momma had her baby over a week ago and she died just a few days later.  I was so sad.  And I wasn't sure how Lucas was going to deal with it since he would sit for the longest time at that exhibit and just watch her swim and asked lots of questions of the docent.
I told him today and he got very sad.  A few tears filled his eyes.
Then later he said

"Will the momma whale adopt another baby soon?"

some confusion for the boy about biology and adoption still.

A good teachable moment.

Last night we also watched Blind Side.

We've loved that movie for a long time.  With a little editing, Lucas enjoyed it as well.  He really was very curious about the adoption aspect of the movie and asked a lot of questions about the "momma" that the "white mommy" went to see before she adopted Michael.  He was a bit confused by why she could not take care of Michael if she was sitting right there talking to the "white mommy".  He kept asking later in the movie if she "died".  We tried to make a few parallels for him.  But, the story is different in that I never got to meet his "China mommy" and I told him that makes me sad sometimes.

So from whales to football players the topic of adoption and birth have risen to the surface this week.

We try to just answer his questions as they come and let him process as much as he can.

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