My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

what kind of mother would let her kids...

Eat ice cream for breakfast?
Isaac started it.  He grabbed a spoon and the box of remaining ice cream and polished it off.

Lucas's version?
An ice cream sandwich smashed up with a whip.
Then, he added milk and stirred for a while.
He was so excited.
Then he said "I need sugar"...
um I said "no" to that one.
He ate 3 bites very enthusiastically and then stopped suddenly.
The whole expression changed on his face.

"It's yucky"....

Isaac and I cracked up.

Then he went and grabbed a new ice cream sandwich from the freezer and ate that instead.

I think I may pay a price later today for allowing this, but right now it is pretty funny.


  1. I always chided my son for eating ice cream for breakfast. He'll usually grab some if it is on hand, which I try not to allow since Seth is the one who eats it all. What is worse is that he eats it in the shower. I've lost all control of my kids, I know. At the age of 18, I just can't say no anymore. So, I'm that kind of mother, too.

  2. Well, I paid a price today since Lucas obviously needs a more balanced diet. While I was in the shower, and shortly after eating the ice cream, while his brother was watching him...he drank a bottle of coke...(forbidden for the boy now because it makes him crazy). I paid the price in a major tantrum meltdown....argh! Then Isaac who basically is lactose intolerant...ended up with intestinal issues this afternoon. Why does "fun" always turn sour? And why do I still think I'll probably allow it again some day? I must me