My Family

My Family
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All Tied up and other "fun" for today...

sooooo, today I left Lucas up in his room for a while after we were done with school.  
He was playing so nicely...and it was so quiet....
then I found him like this!!!!
(he really was alone the whole time)
but apparently a bad guy showed up while I was gone!

I have no idea how he really did this to himself---but was a funny sight.

Then, after I removed all of that tape...he told me to be the "bad guy" and tie him up again.  He was cracking up!  Really...there are times when a parent feels like maybe they want to do this to a crazy child, but this really wasn't one of those times..really, it was a game...really!!!

 he made me do it...he said "put some around my eyes"..."put some around my mouth"
again...really...just a
Although I do think Buddy the dog was a tad concerned...

Later when that event was over...
I took pictures of his "office" set up in our living room.
 and his handmade "Caution" tape.  Now here's the funny part.  He found some caution tape that someone had given him with the word in Spanish!!!  So he copied it ... Cuidado without knowing it was Spanish...So we have Spanish Caution tape at our house!

 Of course the police had it all under control!

 and Buddy the dog got some love...(sort of random, but cute)

Welcome to life at our house...

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  1. hahahahaha that is so funny, i had a little boy in my day care that was obsessed with being bat man, and he would tell me to tie him up because i was the riddler or something. but he also wanted to go to the library like that and the playground and the school etc hahah the looks i got