My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Give me my legs back"

Sometimes brothers play baseball.
Sometimes they shoot bow and arrow or bb guns together.
Sometimes they wrestle.
Today, my boys did all three and it was great to see them playing together.
It is definitely an advantage for an 8 year old boy to have a 17 year old brother with experience in all these areas.
Sometimes these things can be exceptionally entertaining at our house.
Just a few minutes ago, they were wrestling.  Lucas was being "The Hulk".  Isaac was messin' with him.  And being the Older brother, he was "on top".

At one point, Isaac grabbed Lucas by the legs and tried lifting him up.
Which, would be ok, if his legs were actually "attached".....
but, they slipped right off and Isaac ran off with them.

So what's a mom to do in this moment? Yell at Isaac?..."Give your brother his legs back?"

So add this to another list of "the things I never thought I would hear said in my house"....

"Give me my legs back!!!!!!"

Both Isaac and I looked at eachother and laughed, and then even though he was still yelling at Isaac, Lucas joined in the laughter as he took off running after his brother with no legs on!  I'm sorry but it was really funny! It did make Lucas mad at first, but he also laughed, so I don't think I'm too bad of a parent this time.... I??