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My Family
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Baseball Practice~

 Lucas had his first baseball (Tee Ball) practice today!  He was SOOO excited!  I think the timing is perfect for him.  He has a level of understanding now that should help him be very coachable.  He also knows just a little about the game.  But, he does have a lot to learn.  I smiled some proud momma smiles as I watched him today.  He really tried hard.  He is not very speedy with picking up the ball and tossing it back to the coach.  It's very apparent that at least 1/2 of the boys have done this before and Lucas has not.  I LOVE his enthusiasm though.
We realized just a few hours before practice that he didn't have a mitt.  So it literally was his first time really catching with a mitt.  Precious boy!  He kept flipping it over and upside down to catch.  The coach had several assitance there.  One of them took him aside and just tossed balls back and forth with him and had him practice throwing back.

 he needs to learn to move "toward" the ball...
 that's one dedicated ball player right there.


 After the practice was done, the coach had the boys run the bases.  He asked me if Lucas could "do" it...=)  I said, he will let you know what he can do...
And off he went.
 rounding third....

 and on to a second round of the bases....
 he was in his glory!

 That is a boy determined to play ball!!!
I am so pround of him.  Even as I write this I'm sort of grinning and shaking my head.  This boy has such determination.  And right now He Wants To Play Baseball!!!  He is going to do GREAT!
As some of the kids began to poop out after the second round around the bases, it almost looked to me like he would have done it again.  All this in hot Georgia sun and 87 degrees!!!  I love this boy and I have a lot to learn from him!

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