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My Family
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Joy of Winning

Since I posted Teach Your Child How to Lose on August 1, I thought I should post a follow up.  It actually happened a few days later while we were playing Uno the last night before Oma and Opa left so it was August 3rd.  It was such perfect timing from the Lord.  We all sat down as a family to play our last few hands of Uno.  In the first round we went back and forth with people saying "Uno" but not getting to win.  But, then it happened....
So after all that learning and so much patience and so many "congratulations" to everyone else, he finally won a hand of Uno all on his own.

The flip side of teaching your child how to lose, is watching the utter and complete JOY on their faces when they DO win!!!  He was beside himself with giddy!  And it was so much fun to watch him receive all the congratulations from everyone else.  FINALLY!  

He learned:
Winning is fun!
Winning actually has more meaning when you've experienced/grief or loss.
We will love and support him either way-if he wins or he loses.
We will play the game again and he may win (or he may lose) but it's still fun!

Soon we start Fall Baseball here.  Lucas is so excited to be part of a baseball team.  I think he has a lot to learn about the game and even more about winning and losing.  But, I think he has learned some pretty significant things this summer about winning and losing through the simple game of Uno.  Who knew it could be such a big deal to play a card game?

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