My Family

My Family
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Love CVS! and A "clean" house (ok one room, but hey)

So, last night I did a late run to CVS.  
This is what I got for $1.50 
they gave me $4.00 in ECB's (their "money") to spend again the next time I shop!
The reality is...God has provided. 
We at least we will have fresh breath, 
and nice smellin' guys, 
while we sit around and chew our gum!
hee hee

 So today?
I decided it was about time I clean this kitchen after about a month of craziness.
So here it is...ta da!!!

Ahh...but alas "pride"strikes again...
so I turned around...
to find why Lucas has been so "good" and "quiet" for the past few hours...
legos, firetrucks and other assorted emergency scenarios playing out in the hallway...

and then of course there is the kitten!  This is what she has been up to under my feet....
yep, that's a ball of string, now strung around chairs and through 3 rooms.  
(I went upstairs for 5 minutes)
She has some serious "knitting" talent! 

 Well, I guess the guests we have coming in just over an hour will have some entertainment!  And I need to set aside some Pride!  There ya go!

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  1. How entertaining Lucas must be! I want/need your double oven by the way.