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My Family
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Head's Up--Flying legs...

You know how you look at your kids and have that moment where you think
"I think he grew overnight"
"It seems he is growing right before my eyes"

Well, that is Exactly what happened today at our house.
and it was much to the thanks of the UPS man!

Yep, the newest legs have arrived...and Lucas now measures about 1/2" taller with the new legs.
...and a happy boy willingly opened his "gift" from Shriner's Hospital.

 and just like you might try on a new pair of shoes....

 and just to be clear...bubble wrap was also entertaining

 both sets of legs side by side...

Now, what does a boy do first when he gets new legs?
He goes for a bike ride.

Then he requests going to the park.  So we did that too.
He climbed and played for a while and then we got on the swings.
He wanted an underdoggy.  So, I got behind him and pushed him and ran underneath him.
He swung very high and was giddy.
And then it happened...

One of the new legs went FLYING OFF....
No Joke!  Just flew right off his leg!
It was hysterical.  There were not many people there, but we were laughing so hard.  Then it happened 3-4 more times and we laughed and laughed.  The guy next to us just smiled while pushing his baby daughter in a swing.  Then finally asked "how are they suppose to stay on?"  Poor guy.  I wonder what story he told his wife when he got home???

Sometimes I think days like this happen just so I have something to blog about.

Oh and by the way it was also my birthday so it was added fun for that reason too.
We went out to dinner at a mexican restaurant and at the end of the meal, Lucas sucked up the remaining salsa with a straw...Blech!  But, funny!

I also got a super sweet video from my guys.  Peter said there were 47 things on it that they love about me.  It was so so cool.  It was one of the BEST birthday presents EVER!!! If I can figure out how to post it sometime soon I will.

another entertaining day brought to you from "Our House"!


  1. love that you were well celebrated today!!

  2. thanks friend. I was! God is good! And the video is exceptionally precious to me this year for "some" reason...=)

  3. Happy birthday! Bummer that the new legs are that loose already. Joe should get his new ones in about 2 weeks, but we have to go in to get them.

  4. I'm not quite sure what they will do about the looseness of the new legs but for today, it was a funny moment. I will be calling them tomorrow to see what we are suppose to do.