My Family

My Family
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Praying with Lucas

Tonight as I was putting Lucas to bed he prayed.
I haven't heard a more earnest, long, Spirit-filled prayer from a child his age in a long time.

He went on and on about how Powerful God was and the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.  If he said "Jesus Christ" once he must have said it 20 times.  He was thankful.  He prayed for the people of China.  He talked about God's Love and our love for Him.  There is more but I was praying with him and can't remember it all.  The Spirit was definitely leading his sweet soul.

I just love how the Lord leads children to pray.

At the end of the prayer he talked about how Jesus is our sheild like Captain America--then said "Jesus, You Are Captain America"...=) precious boy!

When he was done he got teary and sniffly.  I asked him what was wrong and if he was ok.  He said, "I'm just happy about Jesus".

When was the last time I teared up, simply because I was "Happy about Jesus"?  I love this boy!

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