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My Family
Summer 2015

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Litterbox

Since our new little kitten is only about 2 lbs and the big cat Nemo is about 16+ we thought we should separate the litterboxes.  So we have the kitten's box upstairs in our little bathroom off our kitchen.  This is probably the most commonly used bathroom in our house.  But, we wanted it to be convenient for her.

Last night, I went to use the restroom as Lucas and I were heading to the pool for a swim.  It looked odd to me.  There was a HUGE wet spot in it.  Much bigger than a kitten could make.  I thought maybe the big cat had gotten in there, but it covered from one corner to the next- not how a cat does such things.  Then I thought, maybe it was the dog?  There was some wetness outside the box too.

Puzzled, I showed it to Peter and he was perplexed too.   What dog would do that?

So, I left for the pool with Lucas.  As I pulled out of the driveway, he cautiously says,

 "I'm the one that peed in the litterbox"
Now here's a parenting moment.  
Do you completely crack up?
Do you scold and yell and give a consequence?

To be honest "consequence" never even crossed my mind in that moment. 
 I was too busy holding back some intense laughter.

So I said, "Have you ever done that before?"  (I suspected something one other time but thought he poured water in there)

He lifted 2 fingers.  So, yes indeed he has done it twice.

Holding back the laughter I kindly said...
"Don't do that again, 'K?" 
 "no more peeing in the litterbox--got it?"

He said "OK"

I'm still chuckling writing this.  It was a very funny moment.
I guess some things are just a little too tempting for a boy!


  1. I guess I can be proud of my elder dog. When she has to go and can't wait, she goes into our bathroom to have her accident. And when she was having bladder-control problems, she'd sleep in the bathroom. Pretty nice on her part, don't you think?

  2. OMG Too Funny!!! And yet, NOT!
    At least he confessed. Mystery solved.
    And Buddy is off the hook.
    Life - Gotta love it.