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My Family
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Do it Grandma, Do it..." and other fun with Grandma

April 28, 2012-Saturday
We were busy with picnics and other stuff on Saturday.  Not much sight seeing with grandma, but while we were in the car, Lucas started a conversation with grandma.  He has decided he does not like the fact that grandpa died.  So he told her that she, at age 81, should
"Get a new grandpa"
Then he began a chant...
"Do it grandma, Do it"
"Do it grandma, Do it"....
"...and den, Marry da boy"...

So there ya go.  Lucas thinks grandma should go a courtin' and find him a new grandpa...and den marry him.  It was quite the entertaining car ride.

The picnic we went to was with other families
who have adopted from China through our agency America World Adoption.   We had a reunion picnic on Saturday...

A Tiger was playing the drums...

Saturday was also Prom for Isaac.  No pictures of the group yet, but here he is before he left and a few with me...=)

so handsome

April 29, 2004--Sunday
Remembering Jacob today. See other post.
Went to Church at Passion City and worshipped with all our hearts.
Then off to an awesome lunch in Buckhead at Taqueria Tsunami
oh my goodness is that awesome food!

We rested in the afternoon and got ready to head off to Medieval Times with the whole family.  Time for some good ole Medieval Fare --eaten with no silverware (mom wasn't quite sure what to do about that) all while being entertained by jousting of Knights.  Lucas was totally into it.  His eyes were just huge and he was trying to figure out all the relationships of the King, his princess and the Prince as well as who were the "bad guys" and who were not.  He came home smacking his foam sword on the ground and flailing it all over the house with his foam sheild.  We were on the "blue" team but our Knight didn't win the battle.  Although, Lucas was just pleased to have his picture taken with the guy...


Roasted chicken, tomato soup, ribs, and potatoes....yum yum..

 we all know who the "real" queen is...Isn't she beautiful???

 This intense look was on his face most of the night...(at least when he wasn't asking all the questions)

Our Blue Knight...

 The Blue Knight signed Lucas's foam sheild...And Lucas asked him if he REALLY killed the other knight in battle.  The knight said "yes"...uh hum I wonder if Lucas thinks he witnessed an actual death because he believes the Knight and not me that it was "pretend"...hmmmmm

Oh yes... and of course nothing in our lives would ever be complete unless we ended the event with Engine 21....
This is kind of a funny story.  I saw a fire engine in the parking lot as we were leaving Medieval Times.  I didn't really think it was the Engine 21...But sure enough it was.  And this is what "she" looked like.  I was curious, so we drove over to take a peek.  We saw firemen were sitting next to the engine on the other side so drove around to find the one the only...Fireman Andy...
the question remained...what were they doing there?
The engine had apparently overheated or something so it had broken down.  They were wating for a tow truck.  Lucas kept them entertained for a while.  But, it was so funny to just bump into them like that and of course in Lucas's eyes the perfect ending to a night of fun.

 kind of a cool thing to see the insides of a fire engine...

And to close the chapter on another day with grandma... a sweet bedtime story...

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