My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Thursday, April 19, 2012

On the horizon...

People have been asking what's on the horizon for us regarding Peter's work/job situation.

God is providing what we need each month.  For now that is good.  He is Sovereign an in control of all things.

Peter has been selling health and life insurance in addition to supplemental policies for several months.  It is a tough road to learn, but he is so stinkin' smart, and such a positive thinking person, that even when there is rejection in it, he moves on. I couldn't do it.  He amazes me.

God has supplied a few more contacts and sales in that arena over the past few weeks.  So that is good.

There are a few construction jobs as well.

Can I just give huge kudos to my husband?

He continues to work out, eat well and move forward even though things are challenging.  He sees things on the horizon that I cannot always see.

I love this man.
And I thank God for providing him for our family.

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