My Family

My Family
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Grandma's here and keeping us busy...

Grandma (my mom) got here on Wednesday.  
As soon as she walked in the door and put her suitcase away, she was recruited to the "Atlanta police force".  She and Lucas were directing traffic with light sabers, playing bad-guys and all sorts of other "fun".  
She is such a good sport.
Yesterday we went to the Aquarium.  It was so great because we got grandma a wheel chair and when Lucas got tired of walking he could just sit on her lap.  But, most of the time he was pushing her which was so sweet.  
At one point he was pushing her on a carpeted area and it was a little tough.  As he was struggling to get her moving, he said "Grandma You are getting OLD!".  She just cracked up! 
Then he went on to say "someday you are going to die".  
A tad surprise but in good humor she said "yes, that's true".
Then he said, "We will be so sad".
she thought that was so sweet.

He continued to point out her wrinkles and age spots on her hands throughout the day. I'm sure my mom appreciated that.  But, she loves the innocence of children.  She loves their honesty and how they just say what they think.  She finds it quite charming and she has a great sense of humor and is able to laugh at herself quite readily.  Love this lady!

 The dolphins were very playful and inquisitive.

The Beluga Whale Maris is expecting a calf anytime now.  We have been to the aquarium several times in the past few weeks with relatives.  Lucas just wanted to sit at her tank yesterday for the longest time. He is so excited for her to have her baby.  She was alone in the tank as they prepare her for her birth experience.  But, he is just fascinated by her.  It will be the first birth they have at the aquarium since they opened 2 years ago.

other misc. pics...
 ba dum ba dum ba dum.....

 Lucas likes taking pictures...

 and he loves being "spoiled" by grandma who actually bought him a toy in the gift shop, which I NEVER do...he asked me "what does "spoiled" mean?"  =)

And then there was the fresh strawberry pie at the end of the day.  This is what happens when you let the 8 year old whip-cream-lover handle his own whipped cream serving....Can you just hear the
"bwa ha ha ha????"

 then he took it upon himself to help grandma with her whipped cream...
more giggles...from both of them...

He loves his grandma...and his grandma loves him too...=)

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