My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"will you tickle my back mom?"

I know some people love to be touched and others don't.
My momma raised me on "back tickling" and she was THE BEST in the whole world.  I've never met anyone as good at it as she.

Then I got Isaac---the "don't touch me" kid.
Jacob liked it ok, but it wasn't a huge deal to him.

Then came Lucas boy.
Ever since day ONE, he has LOVED it.

So, sometimes, like tonight as he is going to bed he says...
"mom, I'm scared, will you tickle my back?"
Totally melts my heart.
I COMPLETELY get that!
I LOVED it as a kid and still love it today!  ---Although I have yet to find someone in my old age that actually will do that on a regular basis.  My husband...not so good at it---I love you dear, but he is just not patient enough nor does he pay attention to what he is doing....usually he rubs a numb spot on one place on my back.
I'm telling you this is a skill, and very few people in the world "get it"...When I say I LOVE IT!
I'm telling you it is a very happy place for me.

So, again, when Lucas requests it, I totally cave.  And I'm so happy we have this bond.  I understand it's peacefulness and tenderness. I understand the sheer bliss of some well done back tickling.'s a beautiful thing...

...And that is how the boy fell asleep tonight.


  1. i love back tickles too!! my poor mother has condemned herself to a life of back tickling. you better watch out!

  2. ooo me too Jordan. My momma was THE QUEEN. Even to this day if she is sitting next to me on a couch and starts ... I'm toast!