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My Family
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

a tooth for a truck....

Sometimes the things that evolve over a day are just funny in our house.

I realized at the end of the day yesterday that this may not be normal yet it is such a brother thing to do.

Lucas told me early in the week about a loose tooth he had.  I wiggled it and it was a little loose but definitely not about to come out.  Yesterday, it was quite wiggly in the morning but not that dangling nastiness that usually happens before a tooth comes out.  Well, not yet at least....

Isaac found out about the tooth and jokingly said to Lucas..."I want that tooth"...
Lucas found out Isaac had a cool toy truck in his room and said ... "I want that truck"...

and thus the bargaining began.

It was so funny to hear them go back and forth.

Isaac started with ... "I'll let you borrow the truck if you give me your tooth today"
Lucas is beginning to understand the finer details of language now and heard all the qualifications in it and said..."no, I want to keep the truck if you want my tooth"

They went back and forth and back and forth.
Then I had a realization...Lucas knows about the tooth fairy, because we talked about it early in the week.  If they finish this bargain, Lucas won't have a tooth to use for the tooth fairy--that could be disasterous...(this is his first tooth loss since we got him over a year ago)
I did intervene and say..."whatever the bargain ends up being, Isaac needs to write a note to the tooth fairy asking her for the tooth so she leaves it with him after she leaves money for Lucas"

back and forth and back and forth.  But, Lucas was NOT letting Isaac get away with "borrow".  Isaac just chuckled the whole way through the exchange and kept saying "I want that tooth"  Lucas held strong to the "keeping" of the truck.
Finally, negotiations setttled.  Isaac said the tooth had to come out "today" and Lucas would get to keep the truck but he wanted it before Isaac left for work.  He felt such a victory when Isaac caved from borrow to

Ah but small problem...the tooth really wasn't ready to come out yet.  So, Lucas boy...began ripping at it throughout the day.  I felt like he was torturing himself.  But, he didn't care. He never flinched.  He just worked and worked and worked at it.  Then by about 4:00 it was out!  That was some determination.

He put the note from Isaac along with the tooth under the pillow.
Here is what the note said:

"Dear Ms. Tooth Fairy,
I am sorry that I couldn't be there tonight.  Me and my brother Lucas made a deal today; a truck for a tooth.  It would be greatly appreciated if you would honor this agreement.  Love, Isaac"

So there ya go
The saga of A Tooth for a Truck or A Truck for a Tooth depending on perspective I suppose.

entertainment brought to you from Isaac (age almost 17) and Lucas (age 8)

P.S. You might ask "why does Isaac even want the tooth?"....his response..."I want to make a necklace out of it"  (ewwwwww)

PPSS...after he yanked the tooth, Lucas and I went out for Sushi...he tasted it last week, and fell in love with it.  He got a whole plateful all to himself and was in HEAVEN!!! (just to be clear, I don't do sushi--I ate fried pot stickers)

This is Lucas calling Isaac and basically saying..."pay up bud, I did it!"


And then there was Sushi!!!

 sheer bliss

And all that for this cool truck....

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