My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Surgery has begun...12:40pm

Well, it's happening.
We feel covered in prayer.
We are the only parents sitting in the waiting room so it feels relatively relaxed.

Lucas had a good dose of Versid (sp?)--we are almost certain they give that stuff to kids for entertainment purposes of the parents.

When the physician came in to mark his legs, and pulled back the sheet, Lucas thought that was kind of funny with his bare little bottom exposed.  He kept flipping the sheet back and then laughing.  Kind of that "evil" little laugh that he has...It was quite funny.

Then it really hit and he was unable to really communicate anymore and just looked pretty loopy.

Doctors said that we should expect it to be about 2 hours for surgery and another 45 min in recovery.  They did place an epidural for post surgical pain so that is good--at least we hope it is good.  We are wondering what he is going to think about not being able to move his legs for 2 days.  Only time will tell.

heading into the hospital as brave and unafraid as can be.

There is a story behind this pillow:
  When we did our tour of the hospital on Friday he saw this "Curious George" pillowcase -- and he was determined that when he got to the hospital he would have this pillow.  It is the only one we saw.  I was trying to prepare him that we may not really get that pillow case.  How could I make that gaurantee?  
Guess what?
We were led to the bed where he saw that pillow case and the bed had his name on it.
Such a sweet gift from the Lord.

Watching a little Mickey Mouse as we waited...

 bein' a little silly--he really was NOT a fan of the surgical gown----who is? But, we just made it silly and that seemed to help.

a little pre-surgery medicine is a beautiful thing

my last kiss for the sweet baby toes....

and then when we got back to the room after sending him off to surgery....I saw the little man's shoes and socks....
no words....

now we wait----and continue to pray

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  1. OH Heidi...I am dying here! I almost kept it in until you kissed his little toes! I know one thing God knew exactly what he was doing putting Lucas into your arms. He has such a brave heart - I am amazed...and you are strong enough for him to lean on when he isn't feeling brave. God really knows what he is doing. I know Lucas doesnt know it now but my little cousin Tru had his foot amputated and got his super hero robot leg...a whole new level of "cool" was established! Lucas will be there soon. Love you guys and praying for you through this hard part.