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My Family
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A day in Hohhot and some "culture"

So, today our boy was pretty sad from the start of the day until about noon.  Lot's of tears, not much food, sadness, wanting to be carried, etc.

Our guide picked us up at 10 and took us to a museum.  We started with dinosaurs and some war exhibit which is where she pointed us to.  He did NOT like that and I think it scared him.  So, Peter and Isaac finished the museum and said it was great.  Some of the highlights.  They saw the history of the mongolian people from prehistoric times to Ginghis Kahn and through to the communist revolution.  Some very interesting artifacts.  Mongols were primarily nomadic, a lot of herding, etc.  There also was an amazing art exhibit as well.

Boopski and I went outside and had our own "adventure" -- most of the 2 hours was spent crying or whining or wanting to be held but walking around, etc.  (I'm getting a strong back and arm muscles).  At one point there was a group of school children that he was fascinated by and we just sat on the ground and watched them.  I had one lady come up to me and ask to have her picture taken with me...just cuz  I am white.  Very funny.

Our guide did us a favor today without being asked.  She told us that she told him that the director and nanny went back to the orphanage and they arrived there today.  (ie. they are not coming back)  I know that's harsh and sad, but I'm so glad she did that.  It makes it more real and final for him.  Ever since then, he has been great today.  Not sayin' it will last forever, but baby steps.

At lunch he began to perk up again....good ole coca cola.....and he totally pigged out on cherry tomatoes, ate a few noodles, one small piece of chicken.  Peter and Isaac ate some spicey squid thing. But, ordering was quite entertaining.  EVERYONE in the restaurant stared at us and not ONE person spoke English.  We just looked at pics and read what we thought was the English translation.  (I'm not so sure anymore)
I did order what I thought was chicken cuz that is what the menu said in english.  But, I've never experienced chicken with that texture before or in that shape.  It was sort of like small chunks of the white nuckle part of something covered in chicken skin.  But they were really small-maybe 1/2" across or so......just could not eat that "meat"... if it was chicken...what part would it be?  I'm serious.  Bizarre!

After lunch we ventured around the town by ourselves.  We get quite the looks.   People just stop and stare for the longest time.  They are not even shy about it if you catch their eye.  Their mouths gape open and they just look at you, head's turn.  Very funny.  

And lest we forget that our boy was raised in this culture.....I was carrying him, and suddenly he said something and grabbed at his pants.  I set him down and he ran to a bush, dropped trau and peeed!  Yes PEEEEEED!!! right there on the sidewalk!  

We ended up in a town square (and one more peeing episode) ....there were kites everywhere.  The boy started looking at them and it was all over from there.  We ended up buying 3 kites, a bubble blower and he somehow ended up on some electric cars for children that cost us money to drive around the square.....gotta love that Chinese Capitalism.  Just sayin'

It was a wonderful afternoon, and when we got back he and Isaac have been doing some male bonding---eatting cheese nips, drinking tea, eating m n m's, and hanging out together.  Overall a good day with more breakthroughs today than yesterday.

He's been going back and forth between our rooms and when he enters he says "hallo" and when he gives me something I'll say "thank you" and he repeats it in english.  He's also said "good bye" , "m n m", "I love you", "brother".  He's trying to speak the language in small ways.  This is good.

A fascination with the guy and his tools at the museum

the "chicken" dish, check out those little chicken nugget looking things.  It's like a knuckle covered in chicken skin.

some spicy squid thing

brothers's what it looks like--he's gonna kill me for taking this someday, but hey, I don't have baby pics to blackmale him with.

an "old" pro at kite flying.

kite number 2 (don't have pic of #1)

and then kite #3 bec. kite #2's string broke and it took a journey down a busy China city street--where Peter ran about 1/2 mile to find it, but to no avail.  By the time he returned the Boy had picked out another kite and was flying it (cha ching$$$)

a car ride

another car ride more $$---but a day well spent of happiness.

and finally male bonding-
tea, crackers, m n m's some of Isaac's ipod music playin', the Boy taking pictures...again


  1. Heidi, you've always been so good at journaling. :) Thank you for sharing this one with us. It's fun and wonderful for us to see what each new day is bringing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! HUGS!!!

  2. We are moved to see Lucas Sun Wan's new life unfold as you make your way home and especially his relationship with Isaac.

    "Joyous" beginnnigs can be a little bumpy but still glad to see that your new family is on a good path with God's guidance.

    Have been reading your Blog to Mom and downloaded some pictures for her at Walgreens.
    Alexi and Brooke also are enjoying following your journey.

    Your Ge Ge

  3. Isaac is the true bilingual genius: pepsi (albeit coke) and m&ms. Truly he knows how to build a bridge with excellence... and refined sugar. Love the pix of the 2 of them together! All your pix are incredible to see. Watching your life unfold, your family develop, and seeing the Lord knit something new.

    Praying. And praying more.

  4. that smile is worth every penny!! love what@cz said. totally agree wholeheartedly.
    what is your schedule for the next few days like?

  5. My guess is the peeing in the park was just following the example of Peter! Sounds to me he is taking after his father! ;) We can still remember the kids doing that everywhere in China. Makes you think twice about picking up and eating gum off the street, doesn't it? I don't think Chickens have knuckles. . . . . maybe it wasn't chicken. Have a great day. I could say all of that mushy stuff, but this seemed more fun! Take care and God Bless!

  6. I cry then laugh.
    I cry then laugh.
    Mostly because I read your blog,
    then I read Rau's comments ...

    One package of M&M's ... $1
    One can of Coke ... $3
    One lost kite ... $10
    To see Lucas smile ... priceless!

    This journey is just OVERFLOWING with His Goodness!

    Prayers for this new day ... and lots of hugs ...

  7. John Cz here posting through Sharon:

    Reminds me of the time Jack pulled down his pants at Bloodworth's house and was preparing to go #2 in the field. Sharon moved so fast, she could have beaten Jeff Rau in a foot race....

  8. He is just so darned cute! (Oops, is "darned" a cuss word where y'all are from?? If so, I sure am sorry!) I love the tee-tee-ing picture! Fabulous! Praying for continued moments of laughter and lightness mingled with the sad moments. Praying the former outweighs the latter very quickly! COKE rules!!! Blah, blah Pepsi Mrs. Cz!

  9. It was chicken feet, yes feet, just sayin :)

  10. Love seeing the smiles. God is so good!