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My Family
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Thursday, March 17, 2011


We FINALLY have the room done and ready...

We left it plain on purpose.  We have been told that too much busyness can be overwhelming and stressful.  So for now the walls are white and things are simple.  But, if he likes color....I'm all over it!  We can always paint and decorate to personalize it.

It feels good to have this part of the preparations DONE!  And I love walking past the room and thinking about and praying for the boy.  

Now we just need to name him....And the 3 of us can't seem to come to an agreement.
Top choices currently are

Lucas SunWan 
Nathan SunWan 
Ezekiel SunWan 
Adam SunWan 

Maybe we'll just wait and let him pick from the list.

We also found out today that the cake we ordered to be delivered at the orphanage got there on Tuesday of this week (3/15).  We also got a sweet note from the teacher who is going in and teaching English to him and some of the other kids:

"Sun Wan is getting excited about going to America and meeting his new family...He has been working on pictures and writing his favorite foods so he can tell you what he likes to eat.  I left a small notebook for him to draw pictures and write the words of all his favorite things."

This confirmation of his excitement is such a sweet and tender gift from the Lord since he was anxious and worried just days ago about the idea.

God is good!


  1. So happy to hear about your note from the teacher. That must make you feel better about all this - that Sun Wan is getting excited about everything. God answers prayer in His time. Amen.

  2. I'm with K8t. I like Nathan too. That's also my son's name. Nathan.

    I know Nathan means something with's what I found:
    Nathan \n(a)-than\ as a boy's name is pronounced NAY-than. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Nathan is "God has given". Biblical: Nathan was God's prophet during the reigns of David and Solomon.

    I go with Nathan. "God has given" He's given you a son.

    Heidi, I hope that helps you decide