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My Family
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Official

We met with the orphanage director, the official from China, our translator and a few others today to complete the paperwork from Inner Mongolia.  We were interviewed by the chinese official and signed a ton of chinese paperwork.  Fortunately our interpreter was there and she's been a part of many adoptions for many years, so we trust what we signed doesn't mean we just sold Isaac to the Chinese!  They did ask about him "Do you have any biological children, and what are their ages?"....just sayin'.

Our boy is slowly improving.  We took him outside for a couple of walks.  The first walk he took my hand and walked the whole way like that, never letting go.  I understand this word well "Ma Ma".  For the second walk he wanted me to carry him the entire time and pointed in the direction he wanted to go.  My back is gonna feel that tomorrow.  His paperwork says he is 40lbs.  I'm just sayin' he feels closer to 50 to me.  He's little, but very solid if that makes sense.  These small acts of his acceptance of us are huge.  Yesterday I could not touch him hardly at all.  Now he walks and holds my hand and holds tight when I carry him.  It is exactly 24 hours ago that we met him.  I'd say that's a huge stride.

Today he's done some grieving/crying, but it's lessening.  He did come to the meetings with us this morning and they had to interview him, and asked him if he wanted to go with us, he said "no" but they talked to him some more and he must have changed his mind cuz all the documents are done.  It was all being done in chinese which just bugs me because I feel like people are speaking about things that are so significant to us, but we only get clued into what they want to tell us.  It's just a tad strange.  What did I expect?  I's just weird.

One thing we have been slightly concerned about is his eating.  Everything I read about these kids was warning us to not let them eat too much because they will be so hungry they will eat everything in sight. Not so with this boy.  So far he has eaten 1 noodle, 2 packages of fruit snacks, 1 animal cracker, 3 pieces of candy and he finally drank some stuff today--a whole can of sprite, water, and some orange juice.  We figure as long as he drinks we are good to go for now.

He LOVES taking pictures with Peter's camera.  We have a little Cybershot point and shoot and he has taken over 100 pictures -- out the window, of fruit snacks, dirty kleenex and even of himself screaming and crying---he turns the camera to face himself and shoots pictures of himself in hysteria...I'll have to post some of those...
oh look at that, he just grabbed my Nikon D40...put the strap around his neck and is shooting like a maniac.....hmmm how many pictures fill an 8 gig card????
He's still not talking much in his quiet non screaming times.  And he won't say any english words at all.  Which is fine---I mean really it's been 24 hours.  (it just feels like he's been with us forever)

Pics to follow later today.

Love you all and thanks for all the supportive prayers and words of encouragement and song lyrics, etc etc to help us through.  You've all been a huge blessing.  We know some are reading and not posting comments, that is fine.  We know you are out there and are praying with us.  Love you all!!!

This is the head of the nannies--I know she loves him very much

Orphanage director--a tender man

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  1. Glad to hear that there is some progress. When you read about toddler adoption, experts say that they go through a greiving process. I hope that he opens up his heart to you for comfort. Remember that you smell different, look different, sound different than anything else he has known. Not that you guys smell :)

    I don't know if it will help with communicating or if you can even get the site. But I have a site that will translate words along with the speech. It is:

    God bless you guys.