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My Family
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Breakthroughs and a Free Kiss

Ok, we are seeing a pattern here...and the truth be told we think part of the "problem" is Mr. Lucas is just not a morning person....his struggles start rather subtly as he is waking up and getting out of bed in the morning.  We had an hour or two of ugliness, but then the clouds cleared.  He also doesn't like to eat much in the morning so far and we think it's related to that, because as soon as he eats "something" he is much better.  So we need to figure out that piece yet.

Let me get the mushy stuff out of the way.  Both Peter and I had sweet moments today.  Mine came as a surprise first kiss.  We were walking in the hallway of the hotel and as he is want to do, he asked me to pick him up and carry him.  As I did, he planted a sweet kiss on my cheek...awww....Totally caught me off guard.  We have not approached "kisses" at all yet, just because we felt that is something we should wait a little while on.  But this was a sweet mommy moment.  Then Peter had one as well.  I happened to catch this one on camera as it unfolded.  While Peter was holding him, he just laid his head on his shoulder (he has a big chuck of candy in his mouth if you wonder why his cheek is so big).  And then they began to say some words back and forth in English.  Can't recall what they all were, but it was a tender moment:

Today was Mongol Shopping Day!  I bet you didn't know that...well at least it was Mongol Shopping day for US....We went to a type of mall where we saw and bought Mongolian things for Lucas for each year on his birthday.  Spent a little too much money, but they are sentimental treasures.
One thing we bought was a little Mongolian outfit for him.  He instantly said "I look like a Mongolian" (in chinese) and smiled while posing for another mommy picture:

We bought things like a stuffed camel, a pewter vase with camels on it, a carved bone horse with gems from this region, a small knife (for when he's older), bone chopsticks, and some other things too.

After this shopping trip, Lucas and I went out walking around the streets around our hotel and Peter and Isaac went out together for a little down time together.  Can I just say, taking him into a store with food is quite entertaining????

ok, I just had to take a picture of these packaged "goodies".  We did NOT buy any of these, but ewww

There has been a man in the lobby of our hotel all week that has totally intrigued me.  He makes tea from this area and has such an amazing "look" about him I just had to share this photo.  He's doing something with the drying of this tea in this heated kettle thing.  This is EXPENSIVE tea.  a 1or 2 kilo block was over $400!

Today we "caught" Lucas in the bathroom......grooming....mirror, comb, water to wet the comb, blow dryer, etc.  He was probably in there 1/2 hour

And then there was dinner.  We went to a local restaurant and ordered food, but we haven't had much luck with the Boy eating much.  But, tonight.....let's just say "Pig Out".  He ate EIGHT of these vegetable and egg/garlicy stuffed fried dough thingy's :  EIGHT....Isaac and I each at 2....he ate EIGHT!

And the night was topped off with a Skype call to Grandma.... Grandma doesn't have a computer to do any blogging so we thought it would be special for her to hear from him.  And he gave her quite the show.  We gave him a few English words to say but he just started rambling in Chinese.  She was exstatic to say the least...He grabbed Peter's sunglasses while he was on the Skype headset talking to here:  

Strides forward today included:
We really started using his name "Lucas" today more frequently instead of SunWan.
He was repeating more words for us than any other day and seemed to enjoy learning it.
Only about 1-2 hours of major sadness and the rest of the day was good.
Beginning to test more boundaries with bedtime, etc.  Which shows he wants to find where they are and trusts us to give them to him.
He ATE a ton of food!
Very chatty and social.

And I conclude with this tender moment today....overlooking the smog and pollution laden city below, with the artistic renderings of Isaac and Lucas on our 17th floor window on our last day in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia and the capital of his home province:


  1. Wow!!!!!! Kisses and snuggles! Simply amazing!!! Only the power of the Holy Spirit!!! Wow!!!!

  2. Quick story, I decided to show the kids (Jonah and Haidyn) the blog and the pics and stuff and do a little bit of explaining about the process and their new cousin and stuff and I was showing pictures of Isaac and Lucas to Haidyn and said "Look, here's your new cousin! Isn't he cute? He's the same age as you, you guys can be buddies!" So then Jonah screams, runs away and starts crying, after 15 minutes of calming him down he looks up and says "Can Isaac bring home a buddy for me too from China?" LOL

  3. those pictures of food brought back some funny memories from grocery shopping in japan. :)
    all i could think when i was reading was, "all this. all this in how many days?!" He continues to do abundantly more than we could imagine.

  4. You write beautifully and from your heart.
    I think you should consider writing a book about your family and life experiences.

    I have loved reading your posts.
    Blessings to all,

  5. Heidi, Peter, Isaac, & Lucas....we are so excited for you! Have loved reading the blogs and seeing the awesome pictures! Buddy and Nemo are fine and you didn't mention, but have you told Lucas about them? Will he understand he has a puppy and a kitty?

  6. Dear friends: God bless you as you enter a new beginning by ending this journey on Friday. We will be praying for your family and know God will be watching over you in the great plans He has for you.

    Blessings, once again, on Lucas SunWan. He is a great addition to your already-lovely family!
    Mori & fam.

  7. Maybe it isn't tea????? :)
    If you have any trouble bringing back a Mongolian Knife in your carry on, simply let them know it isn't a box cutter. Shouldn't be any problem! Put it in Isaac's pocket. He can run faster!