My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our last day in this house as a family of 3

Today Peter said, 
"Do you realize this is our last day in this house as a family of 3?"

Sure, now he gets all profound...the day before we leave.  (just kidding)

But, with him saying that, I recall our family...
we were 2 in 1988 (married)
then we were 3 for 7 months (pregnancy) in 1990 (Benjamin born and died)
then we were 2 again
then we were 3 again for 7 months (pregnancy) in 1991 (Samuel born and died)
then we were 2 again
then we were 3 again in 1995 (Isaac born)
then we were 4 in 1998 (Jacob born)
then we were 3 again in 2004 (Jacob died)

now we are 4 again in 2011 (SunWan comes home)

Do THAT math....
I think we are technically a family of 7 but it depends on how you do the math.

Here's the thing....I've always been the only GIRL!!!!  Even the dog, cat and frog are BOYS!

just sayin'


  1. You're part of a family of 7, and your seven is part of a family of millions.

    God Bless you while you travel, sister in Christ.

    I am so happy for you. Every time I read a post, I get tears in my eyes. Our God is good and He LOVES you.

  2. Girl, I was just reading in Revelations 4 and John was talking of the seven lamps and the seven Spirits. I cant help but think as I read your post Seven makes you COMPLETE! :) Now - when you get home... buy a "girl" fish or grow a frog to get a bit of something girlie there. LOL

    Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and He will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3

  3. God Bless & God Speed! Logged in and ready to share with you and your family on your great journey. We will be praying for you!


  4. I admire you for many things, Heidi.... but the whole "always being the only female" thing has just taken that admiration to a whole new level :) God bless you all in your travels! We are so excited for our new cousin to come home with you! We will be praying for you and thinking about you!!

  5. So honored and blessed to be walking life with you and counted among your friends! You are amazing people and we love you all so much! Just can't wait to see how God moves in your family! I get this picture of a Jundt jigsaw puzzle with Sun Wan fitting into the perfect spot - the spot especially "cut" for him! We're praying for you and every aspect of this life-changing journey! At least - every aspect that we can comprehend...

  6. Safe travels! Your courage and your Faith inspire all of us. God's love and grace be with you, Peter and Isaac in your journey to your new life with SunWan.

  7. Love you Heidi, when we are all in heaven we need to had a playdate with all our kids including the ones there already! God Bless your journey my friend.