My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Final packing/cleaning and my purse was stolen today

Just cuz it would add a little extra "spice" to our last day here before we leave, my purse was stolen out of my unlocked (argh) car in my driveway overnight last night.  Thankfully, credit cards and id were IN the house with me cuz I keep them in a holder with my cell phone (THANK you Sharon for that little idea).  But, my checkbook was in the purse as well as a significant amount of cash and 2 uncashed checks totalling about $500 (able to stop payment on those)...argh!

Satan just had to throw one more dart today as we head out.  Well, guess what?  we are still going to China, and we are still moving forward with the purpose God has set us on, so once again, he loses the battle.  God wins!

Overall, a good day.  Prayed over by a good friend who prayed for peace from head to toe, and I think I'm so peaceful I could actually fall asleep right now (or it could be because it is almost midnight too =).  

So glad to see friends today, talk to others who are all so supportive of our journey. 

We leave the house at 6:30 am tomorrow (thank you Laurie McCune for driving us to the airport during rush hour)

Stay tuned for more of the adventure.

3 suitcases
2 boxes for the orphanage--containing 100 stuffed bunnies, 100+ pair of new socks, some chocolate, and clothing
3 carry ons and a backpack

Totaly weight??? apx. 250+ pounds.  geesh that seems like a lot of stuff.  

good night friends.