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My Family
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Have a Coke and a Smile"......

Dinner tonight in the hotel was another breakthrough.  A very kind waitress and restaurant manager helped us to find some food for the boy.  First she asked if  he would like a Coke...and a smile creeped across his face.  Then she started his meal with CHOCOLATE Cake and then she took him up to the buffet and he picked out food.  He practically licked a bowl of ketchup clean along with 2 little pieces of sausage, some chips a slice of pizza and topped it all off with ice cream.  Not very asian....just sayin'

We got back to our room after 7 and he was goofy.  He had teased the waitress, played with his food, got some laughs from all of us, and began to smile and chatter with her at dinner.  As we left he turned around and had to find her again to say good bye 3 times.  When we got back to the room, he and Isaac played and got all silly with a beach ball.  And the silliness pretty much has been going on for about and hour and a half.  I do not know if he will sleep tonight, but he is happy...2 glasses of coke will do that to a small 7 year old I guess.  Right now, I don't really care.  It has brought him around and our evening has been one laugh after another.  He's crazy!!!!

Of course I believe it is all of your prayers for our family and God's intervention in all of this that has caused such a rapid turn of events.

Right now he has taken all of his stuff and moved and set up camp in what was Isaac's room/get away...I think the brotherly connection has been made.  It took 4 trips back and forth between rooms for him to get it all over there, but it's all ready to go...=)  Everytime he comes back into our room from Isaac's room, he says "Hallow"...or "Hallo momma", etc.  It's just so stinkin' cute.  He's trying the language out on us.

We gave him a bath and actually changed his clothes today before dinner also.  He loved that.  He just laid on his back and floated.  He's very independent and completely washed his hair all by himself, asked for a comb and asked to have his hair blow dried.

I must also say, we noticed an added difference in his sweet little legs and feet.  He only has 2 toes on each foot.  His little feet look "wrong" since I'm not medically knowledgable, I have no idea if he's missing bones or what it is.  Although it doesn't seem to stop him much.  He jumped off a chair tonight.

Did I mention his obsession with our cameras?  That was also very entertaining this evening.  He made the 3 of us get together and he took pictures of us as he giggled and made roaring sounds.

God is SOOOO GOOD!  There just is no other explanation for this rapid change.


a rough start to the day

ah, but ge ge's (Isaacs) ipod...and some sweet jazz

drink enough coca cola, eat some food, and tada....

now THAT's determination

brother's playing (Isaac has been AWESOME!!!) but this is the first time Lucas has actually participated in play

the boy takes pictures of himself

and me

and dad and Isaac


  1. :) :) !!SMILES!! (: (:

    Praying for today!

  2. tears of joy. redemption is messy, but so amazing, isn't it?? so encouraged for you guys. we'll continue to pray that baby steps would happen each day.

  3. @amy: so right! little steps each day!! so sweet from the Lord. breathing with you all day.

  4. I just have to say I cant stop crying dont know y. My heart is so happy and breaking for him at the same time. I love you all. Kimmee

  5. Tears in my eyes this morning... so VERY happy for you all! Our continued love and prayers are coming your way. I am reminded of a famous quote upon reading your entry today -

    "The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."
    --- Lao-Tzu

    Ironically enough, it is from Chinese philosophy ;) We are overwhelmingly joyous about this step he has taken, and cannot wait for all that are soon to come for you! (((HUGS)))

  6. So amazed and blessed by what God is doing in the heart of your precious little man! Can't wait to fill him up with brownies and COKE! See, I told you Coke is better than Pepsi! Pepsi would never have been used of God to accomplish such a feat! ;) Seriously, when Alex's tummy is empty you'd think she was possessed. It's amazing what yummy food and a full tummy can do. And as Paul says, "He's going to live with Miss Heidi! He's going to think he's gone to heaven with all her amazing food!" We love your sweet little guy so much already! So glad he's bonding with Isaac! How could he help but think Isaac is the coolest! I love imagining his sweet little voice saying "Hallo momma!" Balm to your soul...the beginning baby steps of healing and wholeness - only God!

  7. Praying for continued progress and joy for your family!

  8. Umm...if that picture of Peter and Isaac is how Lucas sees them, I see why he was crying yesterday! (Kidding! But they do look scary!). Isaac's part in Lucas' transition is going to be huge. What a great bond they will have into adulthood because of it. Enjoy this new beginning. God is blessing all four of you so much!

  9. Has he met Mr. Seal yet?? I know Mark would want to know. I was kind of expecting a photo of Mr. Seal on the Great Wall. Peter???

    So happy to see Lucas doing well and the bonding taking place. God is good!

  10. PRAISE THE LORD! That is great. Enjoy your time in China.

  11. Missed yesterday's post so just caught up. Oh my goodness, I'm in awe of God's sweet care for His Own!! And, yes, I'm weeping as usual ... what can I say!?! Such an amazing privilege to be sharing this special journey with you all :-) Love from Wisconsin ...

  12. Finally a computer working so we could catch up. What a beautiful change we see already with Lucas and the family. Our prayers continue as always - even though we seemed out of touch. (Can I just add I loved reading the story of the Pooh Sitcks - once again proving [as if we needed it] that God is with you always) This blog is a blessing to all of us - almost like we're there with you. Praise the Lord! God's Blessings and Love and ours too! To you and your THREE boys!

  13. SO AMAZING - - - What God can do - - Yeah GOD!!

  14. Glad you are all breathing a little better...a coke and good 'ole American food! Isaac is such a great brother! Lucas will know how lucky he and hugs.