My Family

My Family
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Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29-A Tender Day

A tender day in the Jundt household
A tender day to remember
A tender day for a few tears

7 years ago today our sweet Jacob Georg Jundt went to be with Jesus at the precious age of 6 years 3 months and 6 days.

My sweet sister, brother-in-law, and mom sent us flowers today "remembering" with us.  I know others are remembering too, as we have had comments throughout the day.  Thank you.

Our wild and crazy boy will always hold a tender place in all of our hearts.  And I CANNOT wait to see him again in heaven along with his brothers Ben and Sam.

I know that in and through all of these years, God has been glorified.  Many days have been tough, many days I have struggled through to just breathe.  But, I cannot imagine getting to this place in life--a place of allowing myself to love again--without the tender mercy of my God.  I am thankful for the intricate way God weaves families together.  Pain, mingled with joy, mingled with questions and sometimes few answers.  But, God remains at the helm--in Control of it all.

One of my favorite songs that holds such sweet memories of worship as we journeyed with Jacob is so well depicted in this video.  I LOVE this video.  Please take time to watch and let God speak through it.

 Many of you walked the Jacob journey with us and we remain so grateful and will never forget the way you became the hands and feet of Christ in all of that.

One sweet memory around that time was "dandelions".  As Wisconsin weather and growing season would have it, dandelions typically come up around April 29- early May every year.  Here in Georgia it is earlier.  But, the year before Jacob died he picked me the biggest bouquet of dandelions and handed them to me with his mostly bald little head.  I LOVED that bouquet and will always treasure that memory.  When he died in 2004, our backyard was flooded with dandelions---never could really afford that weed killer I guess.  But, as I looked across that sea of yellow, I saw all the prayers that people were praying for us.  I knew a sweet peace that was undescribable.  I saw my boy handing me that sweet bouquet and forever will remember and smile at those goofy little yellow flowers that some call "weeds".

Jacob was a young man with a Huge heart for helping and loved on his friends in amazing ways.  He was also very stubborn and a "my way or the highway" kind of guy.  Isaac and I were talking about him today, and he too recalls sweet memories of his brother.  He too is feeling tender feelings today as we remember together that boy that impacted all of our lives.

So today we remember
We love
We cherish
We look to the future with gratitude for a Savior who give Eternal Life and Hope.
Someday.......we will meet again you goof ball.

I love you,


  1. 7 years.
    The Bible uses 7 as a number of completeness and of God's perfection.
    Just wanted to give you that thought today. Take it for whatever it means for you.

  2. Such wonderful memories of such a generous boy, full of love.

  3. Liesel, (doug?) I hope it is ok I put a picture of your girl on here. She was such a sweet part of his life. I Still recall the 2 of them and it warms my heart. Thanks for remembering with us.

  4. Holding your heart in mine today.❤❤❤