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My Family
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"I'm Sorry Mommy"

We've had some small discipline issues, which is to be expected.  However we've also had 2 rather "large" explosions that we've needed to discipline more strongly.  The last incident was a few days ago and it was much different than the first.  I tried to give Mr. Lucas some "tools" in his "toolbox" so that he could apologize and show me he was sorry.  So both times I told him "you need to say 'I'm sorry mommy'".  Laying those to incidents aside and learning from both of them, today we were at the Botanical Garden with grandma and he whipped an empty water bottle into a pond.  It was too far for us to grab.  I told him we don't do that and that was not a nice thing to do, etc.  I could see those little gears turning in his precious head, and out of his language resources without ANY coaching whatsoever, he looked me flat in the eye and said "I'm sorry mommy".  I completely melted.  We told the gardeners and before we left they grabbed it out with a rake.  Lucas was happy it got resolved.  I told him "I forgive you Lucas".  It was just a precious moment.  And even though he doesn't have a lot of words to express himself yet, I thought this was HUGE!
Just wanted to share a "mommy moment" brought to you by Lucas SunWan.

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