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My Family
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jetlag .... I'm certain it is a tool of the devil....

So, I completely understand the first night being completely messed up.
And the first 24 hours in our home just passed by in a blur.

Last night, our boy fell asleep in the bathtub with his head in the corner all curled up in about 2 seconds.  Put him to bed before 7pm thinking "we're good" "he should be out for the night" because we struggled to keep him awake all day after waking at 3 a.m. 

 I was WRONG!

Bing!  Awake this morning at 2:30 a.m.,  hungry of course because he had been too tired to eat dinner.  Fed him noodles (his comfort food) then after about 45 minutes I thought.  Ah ha!  I have an idea, I will tell him we need to stay in bed until the sun comes up. (via our electronic translator).  He was a complete goof ball for 2 hours and then he began to ramble and chat in Chinese for about 20 minutes.  And somehow he talked himself into a very bad spot...and he voice tone changed and the tears began just like the first day.  The same uterances that we heard those first days began, and for the next 45 minutes he bawled his precious eyes out.  

I took some lotion and began to massage his little feet and legs and he took his shirt off and let me massage his back.  He toned down a little bit, but still could not get off that "cliff" of tears.  So I brought him into our room and we laid next to eachother and he cuddled up like a little kitten and began to calm down.  
Fortunately, it was still dark out (but not for long) and he slept until noon!  Then I woke him up.  I think he would have slept all day.  

I made fried rice for lunch and he pigged out!  

Now he's playing nicely and seems content.

Hopefully, we can get him to bed tonight at a normal time and "maybe" just "maybe" we'll all sleep through the night....

Please pray for this since Peter has barely slept at all.  He tried to do the right thing and put himself on EST time on the flight by not sleeping hardly at all our entire trip.  Then he got home and got exactly 2 hours of sleep the first night before boopskie woke up.  Then yesterday slept about 4 hours, and last night about 3.  This is not good.

Thanks for keeping up with us and we'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh sweet precious boy!!! I will be praying for him & for you all! We are sooooooooooo anxious to meet him. As soon as you feel he's ready let us know. And if there's anything you can think of that we can do call or text, ok? We love you guys!!!!!

  2. Just want to say I'm thinkin' about you guys. I want to let you know your blog is my new addiction :) I check the bank, facebook and "bread" everytime I get online. Like I said, thinkin' about you.

  3. Woke at 4 this morning and your faces were on my mind. Praying that God gives all of you sweet and much needed rest. The fireworks were definitely for Lucas. Praying for his little heart as this chapter unfolds for him.