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My Family
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Friday, April 22, 2011

An Easter Package from Oma and Opa and Tante Lilli and GeGe Saves the Day!

Yesterday, Lucas recieved a package in the mail and was extatic when he saw his name on it!!!!

Peter's sister Lilli and parents Emma and Georg (Oma and Opa) sent he and Isaac a package of Easter gifts.  Oh my goodness!!! The squeals of delight from the boy were so precious!

the toy he is holding is the helicopter toy I am talking about

We went outside to play with some of the toys.  One of which was a cool helicopter thingy.  I thought I would be the cool mom and make it fly way high in the sky.  Ummmmm there are a lot of trees in Atlanta.  And....we watched as the helicopter part fly so high I thought it was going to land on the roof of our house.  But, landed IN A TREE!  Good Job mommy!....

We tried poking at it with a long stick but it was too far up. So I beckoned Isaac to the rescue....He climed the tree and saved the toy!  I had a mommy moment thinking... "Maybe that wasn't such a great idea, what if he falls and breaks something?  That would be bad!"

But, all was well and he saved the day!

Yes that little speck of white at the top of the tree is Isaac.  I took this from a 2nd story window in our house.  

Lucas is still laughing at the picture.  And thinks his big brother is a hero!


  1. What fun! And... leaves, your tree has leaves! There is still snow outside. Mark wants to know what kind of tree?

  2. SMP
    I have no stinkin clue what kind of tree it is. The leaves are like tiny maple leaves. I'll take a close up pic of one and send it to you.

    Come to the south for a visit. We would LOVE to see you....We've had leaves for several weeks now. That's probably the biggest difference between us and you. We have cool weather and lose leaves, etc but not as intense as WI and it doesn't last as long or start as early.

    You are welcome to come anytime.