My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ratting your brother out

So apparently ratting your big brother out is EXTREMELY funny!!!!

Our neighbors across the street have a junk pile from cleaning out their garage ready to be picked up with tomorrow's garbage.  Isaac asked if he could go look at it.......Lucas caught him in the act of bringing home an old stand alone console TV.

Yes indeed I flipped out!  When I saw it, I yelled at Isaac and said "NO, You take that back right now!" I thought he was going to bring home some small item for his photography class.

Lucas came in and ratted him out.  He pointed and laughed and whispered in my ear (in chinese of course)and dragged me out to the garage.  It was hysterical!!!  I really didn't know it was that big of an item until Lucas ratted him out.  The other funny part was that Lucas KNEW I'd flip out!  I think THAT alone is funny right there.  He laughed so hard when I scolded Isaac.  Now THAT is brotherly love...

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