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My Family
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who Taught Him How To Say "No"?

More language development yesterday...the word "no"....up to this point believe it or not he would only say the chinese version of "no", of which there are a few depending on the circumstance.  I probably let him get away with saying it more than I should just because it's unfamilar to me.  But, yesterday we were in the car a lot taking grandma to the airport, stopping at Ikea (where he at all my meatballs by the way), picking up Isaac, etc.  And at some point he started practicing "NO"... It wasn't a defiance thing, but ooo la la la....I think he's gonna be practicing it and now I'm gonna need to be on my toes as he realizes even more how important obedience is.

Last night he also made the connection that my name is "Heidi".  He thought that was hysterical.  And he was running around shouting for me in my name.  Goof ball!

We've also gotten into a not-so-good habit of taking a bath at night and then eating something while watching a part of a movie.  I'm not sure when that happened.  But a few days ago.  Needs to stop because I like the bath, then bed routine.  But, he Loves AirBud movies.  If you have ever seen AirBud it's about a Golden Retriever that plays basketball or soccer, etc.  Well, we only have 2 of them so it gets old after a while.  But, he has been digging through our other movies as well.  Some appropriate for his age and some more for older kids or adults.  He found our Louie Giglio DVD's How Great Is Our God and Indescribable.  These are ONE HOUR long sermons.  That's it!  We love them, but think it is hysterical that he recognizes our pastor from church and puts in these sermons.  He really does not understand the  language that much (at least we don't think he does), but Louie's style and God's work through him must be so intriguing to him.  So last night was the  How Great Is Our God sermon!  Too funny!  If you've never heard these two sermons they are AMAZING!  about God's intricate design of the universe with details of the size of heavenly bodies and also the tiny cell adhesion molecule laminin.  HIGHLY recommend them.

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  1. Remember one of the ways very young children learn language is through repetition. We watched one Elmo video SO many times when Grace was little. Over and over again. Watching the same videos many times may help Lucas learn English. BTW, my kids loved the AirBud movies when they were younger!