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My Family
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Mommy may I please..." and "Toy..Ota"

So we have had some problems with Mr. Independent just opening the front door of the house and walking out to do whatever he wants outside.  He is Seven, but still it just is not a safe practice.  SO, we've yelled, which is always so helpful! Not!  and I've tried communicating to him that before he opens the door he needs to say "mommy may I please....go outside"?

Yesterday, I was in the kitchen, which is open to the front hallway by the front door and all of a sudden I heard the sweetest little voice say ...

"Mommy may I please....."

all on his own, out of the blue, and BEFORE he opened the door.  I probably over reacted, but oh my goodness, he knew what he was suppose to say, he remembered it and applied it to the situation!  SO cool!

So, to the sceptics .... yes, he can be taught!  =)  lol  We've been home just over 1 week....just sayin'

Also, I may have mentioned this, but he is obsessed by opening and closing doors on my car and holding onto the keys and making an ordeal everytime we get in the car.  It's kind of strange.  But, the least of my worries right now.  He did think for a while he could put the keys into the ignition.  Ummmm No!  So I do have that part under control.  But, the funniest thing happened the other day at the park.  He wanted to hold the keys on the way to the car and he was trying to communicate it to me so he made a motion that looked like my car keys ring and then said "Toy-Ota"....It dawned on me he meant the keys.  So now I'm trying to teach him to say "Honda"....

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  1. Opening and closing Doors . . . Hmmm. Sounds like a metaphor for Lucas' life right now. The only difference with the car door and the 'front' door is that LUCAS gets to be in control of the closing and opening. If Lucas was in Wisconsin right now he would be opening the door to a slushy, icy 'winter-y mix'. The decision to CLOSE that front door would be quite easy! I hope you all enjoy a lovely, sunny spring day! (With Mommy enjoying an non-contested role as gate-keeper.) Love, Michele