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My Family
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Friday, December 16, 2011

could there be anymore???

It took quite a bit of convincing to wake Lucas up yesterday morning for his PT appointments.  He was in a bit of a daze from the previous day's activities.  But, he did it and we were done with PT before noon.

He got to see Santa again...and hug him and kiss him ....
Then he randomly yanked his hat off.
He felt really bad, and immediately apologized and put it back on, but it was rather funny.
He had a chat with him and asked him what his plans were...and Santa said he was actually heading to Atlanta later in the day.  Lucas wanted to know how he was going to get there--and if the reindeer were here too?  Santa said no, they are still at the North Pole waiting for next week.

We had a little more PT with sweet Katie.  She was so patient with the half asleep boy.  The first round of therapy yesterday he struggled with alertness and had some sore spots, but by round 2 I think we had everything worked out and we were good to go.

 SWEET sweet Ms. Katie...

Standing Tall is important...

Taking small steps and not "hip walking" is also important.
There is a lot to figure out.  As Katie was explaining his hips/butt have never had to do this in the right way before.  So even though he was active and a crazy man, this motion is all new for him.  There are muscles all over the place that have really never been used properly.  Plus, we have added dead weight at the end of his legs that he really cannot "feel".  And he "grew" several inches in just 2 days.  That's a lot to learn...relearn...and negotiate.  Overall, he really is doing great!  It will take some extra PT at home for a while, and then Watch Out World. cuz this boy wants to be a firefighter and I think he's gonna do it! (or a police officer...or a rescue helicopter guy...or an ambulance many professions, so little time)

oh and how could we forget --- CRAZY Mr. Phil?  He is one of the guys who makes prosthetics.  I'm still looking for the right word for these people (prosthetician? prostheticist?)...
The first day we brought in McD's pancakes for Lucas to eat while we waited and Mr. Phil started going after Lucas's pancakes.  So they had a running joke about pancakes for 2 days.  He threatened Lucas on multiple occassions to bring him pancakes...Lucas LOVED the bantering...Thanks Mr. Phil for 'playing' with our boy.  He loves you!

As we were checking out we bumped into the ChickFilA cow and a manager of one of the local restaurants.

She offered Lucas a free meal at her location.  And then noticed all his firetrucks, etc in the wagon I was hauling him around in.  She said she has a bunch of firemen friends and
 "Would you like to go see them????"  
Oh my goodness.....Could this day get better?

So off we went.
ANOTHER firestation visit.
But, this one was 10 miles in the wrong direction.  Lucas was wondering where we were going, and at one point declared from the backseat of the car
"Mom, I think we are lost!"

We got to the station and lo and behold....there were 
TWO Engine trucks....
A Rescue vehicle
A Pick Up truck

 lucas's added touch....he had to take a picture of me in his fireman's hat...

An hour later.....
we went to CFA and had our 'free lunch' and finally headed HOME!

Last night, Lucas had a hard time sleeping again.  (I'm beginning to take some ownership here...maybe the ChickFilA sweet tea is not a good idea anymore...).
But, as he was falling asleep he got some tears in his eyes...and began to silently weep.  I asked what was wrong and he said he missed his new "doctor friends" at that hospital and he is sad he won't see them for a long time.  He loves Ms. Katie and Ms. India and Mr. Phil.  So many emotions over the past 2 days.
His new legs/feet and all that entails.
Excitement over all the cool stuff we saw.
the list goes on.
He wants to go back to see them sooner than 6 months. Here's the moment where I wish we lived closer than 2 hours away.

Today feels somewhat anti climactic.  We are just going to be home...
well maybe....


  1. Just amazing and overwhelming to see him standing like that!

  2. thanks Debby. It will take some time for him to adjust, but no doubt we will soon be saying "Lucas, slow down, I can't keep up!!"