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My Family
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Friday, December 30, 2011


Dec. 30, 2011----the much awaited package arrived via UPS!
...and here are the pics

yes he insisted on opening it himself...and yes that is a knife...and yes he was supervised...=)

 Jack and Hannah are here for a few days visiting and got to be part of the excitement of the big moment

He didn't know what was in the package as he was opening it...and never figured it out till it was open.

 and off he goes---the walker useage lasted a grand total of about 5 minutes....then he gave up on it and wanted to walk on his own.  That included going out to the garage and up and down about 5 steps.  He had them on a total of 30 minutes today just because they came late in the day and we want to pay closer attention to the wearing and any issues that may pop up.  So will start on a more regular schedule tomorrow.

 His favorite part was being able to stomp on Isaac's feet with his new feet and listening to Isaac yelp.  Then when Isaac tried stepping on Lucas's feet he just looked at Isaac and laughed cuz he couldn't feel any of it.  bwahahaha....

 forget the walker....he took his first steps toward his big brother Isaac...

 And Isaac was SOOOOO proud of him...

He wanted to show Isaac how much taller he was now...

and a big kiss between sibs.

Then he insisted on getting on his bike outside.  I think he quickly realized that was going to take a little more coordination than "first day" stuff, so we will have to work on that one.

and once again...just to top off the day...all the firemen are lined up and ready for action (he took these)

A BIG day for the boy.  Now we begin a regular wearing schedule with 30 minute breaks throughout the day.  We need to watch for any areas of redness or irritation so that we can take care of any problems so he doesn't get sore or blisters, etc.  A great day here at our house and many adventures to come.


  1. Yay, so exciting! And I must say, those are great photos he took of the firemen!

  2. Wonderful pictures, Heidi! How exciting for you all!