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My Family
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Friday, December 23, 2011

"I have Jesus in my heart..."

Just a conversation in the car tonight.
Lucas in the backseat talking about Christmas and all sorts of other things and said he is glad that he
Has Jesus in his heart. 
This is so cool!
Of course we talk about all of this kind of stuff often, but to hear him place it in context of what we were talking about and acknowledge it all on his own in such a matter of fact sort of way is just hugely profound to us.  We have been praying for months for his sweet little heart to be moved by the Spirit.  I think the Spirit is definitely at work.

As part of the conversation he also said he had Jacob in his heart.  hmmm.  This is when I realize communication sometimes is still hard.  So I had to clarify the difference between Jacob and Jesus.  Imagine his understanding...Jacob lives with Jesus ... so... if Jesus lives in his heart, then Jacob live there too.

We talked about how they live in heaven together but they are not the same.  Jacob was like us--a person.  Jesus is God.  He asked if we could drive there.  I tried explaining heaven and how it's not a "place" that we can drive to.  I promised to read to him a description of heaven soon.  And will follow through with that in the next day or so.  Even though we cannot see Jesus, he lives with us.  How can he possibly fully understand something that scholars have been wrestling with for centuries?  Yet, he does know that Jesus does live in his own heart.  I'm confident that he knows that and how important it is.  And I think he now understands the difference between Jesus and Jacob.

It has been amazing to me to watch his young faith blossom over the past several months.  I think some of it is a bit heady for him, but he really is beginning to understand bits and pieces of it and he really likes talking about it.  He did say that nobody in China talks about Jesus.  So they must not know about Jesus.  I wonder how long it will be before he wants to evangelize the nation.  But, we will leave that for another back seat discussion.

In the meantime, what a precious discussion to have just 2 days before we celebrate our Saviour's birth!
Thank you Jesus...

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