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My Family
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trying on some New Legs....(a long post after one very busy day)

Today was a big day for Sir Lucas....
He had his first try-on of his new legs today.  I am referring to it as the "rough draft" version.

First on goes a fitted long white sock.

Then on goes the inner soft/spongy part that fits very snuggly on his legs.
He had some initial issues with all the tightness on his legs.  Then a thin almost nylon went over that. (this will be attached to the foamy thing with the final version)

 Leg number 2 all snug in place.
Then on goes the outer "hard" part of the leg.
 He wasn't too thrilled with some of he let India know...

 But, soon he was up and on the new "legs" (sans the feet at this point)
 It helps to stand one leg on a phone book when it is 2" shorter than the other one...but this is one happy boy, knowing he is well on his way to his dream of "new Feet"...

So this first round of on and off,  was just putting on the "tube" so-to-speak.  India did some adjustments over then next hour.  And went to add the new feet...

In the meantime as we waited, we got to visit Santa's workshop.  And guess who was there??? yep!!!
The Big Man himself and Mrs. Claus too.  Lucas was just so sweet.  He LOVES that big Red Elf!

 And lo and behold.....he found the only Firetruck vehicle in the place......

 He must have given Santa 6 hugs before he left.  He just LOVED him!!!

When we returned to India (that sounds funny--but it's the name of the prosthetician) ta da...the long awaited new feet were attached.

 Everything was so new and a bit awkward at first...
 Each time we went back for more adjustments, he improved.  Even with one hour between, the Physical Therapist noticed a difference.  Each time he put them on he improved.  It was pretty phenominal to watch.

 Ms. Katie, the Physical Therapist played with him and got him to walk, kick, do toe/heal movements, and more.

Can I just say, that was one excited boy?

There we did about 20-30 minutes of "practicing" and exercising and playing.

Then rest again for about an hour or so.
Then back again for yet more PT.
In between we got an AMAZING bonus today....

Lucas got to see the Emergency Helicopter  IN PERSON!!
It took us about 3 hours to finally hunt down the "men in blue jump suits" that work in the thing, but we finally got em....and we ended up with the PILOT!!!
(there is a Trauma hospital attached to Shriners - not related to them, other than by hallways-thus the heli-pad that we see holding the ever intriquing helicopter that Lucas has yearned to see up close and personal for months!!)
Of course Lucas got to touch and feel just about everything he wanted to and got one-on-one attention and answers to many many questions.  These guys were AMAZING!! and so kind.

(blurry (stink)---my camera is acting up...)
These guys were AWESOME!

THEN, at the end of the day, we witnessed something that just topped off the day.  There were FIVE helicopters on and near the landing pad all at once.  We saw mulitiple landings and take-offs of helicopters.  We cannot quite figure out if they were all realated, but we think there must have been some unbelievable disaster someplace.  That is sad--and we prayed for them, but the helicopter event before our eyes was just unbelievably fascinating to this boy!

a funny thing??
Lucas keeps calling the pilot he met "the pirate"---minor difference right??? I think I've got him corrected now, let's just call it "language development" shall we??

Tomorrow we go to 2 more rounds of PT.  Then we go home.  And in about 2-3 weeks his new legs show up in the mail......I've said this before, but that just makes me chuckle!!

I think one of the sweetest endings to the day was Lucas laying in bed trying to go to sleep, and he heard yet another helicopter---how's a boy to sleep???  -- (especially when they are landing in the parking lot right in site of your room???).
Lucas said "WE NEED TO PRAY!".  And he just layed out the sweetest prayer for the person that was sick/injured.  It was a perfect ending to a very productive and busy day.



  1. this makes me dewy with excitement for all of you. missed you tonight, friend. we must get together soon!

  2. How wonderful! I got all teary eyed. Thanks for sharing with me. I love these posts.

  3. The docs are probably still wondering why their evening went so well, even w/ all the emergencies.
    (Lucas' prayers)
    I'm so glad to see Lucas up and around and so happy w/ the legs...I'm hoping no blisters