My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Friday, December 2, 2011

lucas told me about a dream

Lucas just woke up in a very sweet mood,
He told me about a dream he had.  He said he dreamed about his "Ayi" (that's what they call the nannies at the orphanage-I may not be spelling it right).
He said Daddy and Me and Isaac and he were all there meeting them and talking to them and then when we were done we all came home.

We have talked about going back to China some time, but he ususally gets very nervous when we say that because he wants to be sure we would not leave him there.  We try to keep reassuring him that he is with us forever and we can go back to "visit" and then come home again.  It just is a very vulnerable place for him to think about.

So for him to have this dream...where we ALL go together...we get to enter into his past life...and then we ALL come home together ...well that is just a sweet dream and a sweet reminder that he is feeling safe enough to enter in to his past and reassured that he is ours "forever".... and this IS indeed his forever family and home...

This is a GOOD thing!!!
Thank you Jesus for your amazing work in and through this boy's little life.  To You alone Be the Glory!!

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