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My Family
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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Police Car visit...

Well, I really didn't forewarn the neighborhood this time..
that emergency vehicles were our house.

7 of them showed up all lined up in front of our house.
5 cars
1 truck
1 motorcycle.

And of course all the uniformed officers to go with them.

Then the fun REALLY began because they let Lucas push ALL the buttons he could find.
Walkie Talkie (including the "intercom version that let him shout to the outside world.

He tried on their hats/helmets/sheilds whatever he could find.
They even gave him a set of REAL handcuffs.  (uh hum...we have them locked in position so he cannot open or close them right now--but I DO have the key)

They let him sit on the Motorcycle, ride in ALL the cars, and even take a ride while sitting on the lap of one of the officers while she drove him up and down the street.

I was stunned at how much time they spent with us--I think over an hour.  They were so great with him. Hats off to our local police for taking the time out of their day to come to see us with all the bells and whistles.

So now Lucas has "friends" in the Police Department.  (this is why he thought the next day he could just dial up 911 and say "hi"....see previous post)

I do have to say we drew a lot of attention in our neighborhood as random sirens and lights were going off for over an hour.  A few neighbors dared to drive by and look in shock and horror wondering what was going on.  I just said "We're OK"....

Then when they left, Lucas pulled out all the Police Car toys he had and set up his "Police line" (they gave him some of that yellow tape) and proceeded to shut down half our house from "trespassers".  

The next day he played "Police Headquarters".  He set up a desk and had his notebooks, and all matter of important police documents and tools ready to go.  Oh and I should say that he also realized that the stuffed Santa I had sitting in the corner was actually a "bad guy" so he threw him in jail...multiple times.   Thanks to all the police officers who came and made such a wonderful impression on our boy.  Lasting memories for sure.



  1. This is so funny! Seth did the same thing, but we did not get the fanfare that Lucas received! And, I love the pics of the bike riding. So encouraging.

  2. That is incredible! Talk about a dream for a boy - and I know the neighbors were about to fall out seeing all those vehicles pull up! SO happy that Lucas is doing so great and enjoying life - just like a little boy should be!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!