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My Family
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

More language development and Mr. Social

I continue to be amazed at how Lucas is aquiring more and more language.  And at how well he behaves overall and plays so nicely with other kids.  He is cluing in to more and more of what we are saying TO him as well.

He LOVES to be with other kids and just eats up being with friends.  He is definitely a "social" little boy.  He also is very kind and generous with his friends.

One funny little quirk that he came with was very LOUD burping and absolutely NO clue that it is rude or inappropriate.  So we have been working with him for 5 weeks on saying "excuse me" when air flies out of his body from either end...
I am proud to announce that this weekend we had serious breakthroughs in all manor of "air release"....He has been saying "excuse me" now everytime he burps or "other" things.  Of course we need to fine tune the fact that we don't "force" the air out for a louder burp right before you say excuse me -- particularly in CHURCH during the sermon, while drinking a juice box.  But, hey, we are getting there.

He did have a pretty major meltdown after having had a tremendous day with friends on Friday.  But it was just deep deep grief that the friends actually had to go away and could not just move into our house and live with us.  I had to explain that families are families and that we see eachother and then go home---but with some of our friends the relationships really do feel more like family, so how do I explain THAT?  for example we will have "friends" coming at the end of May to stay for a week.  I am pretty certain, that they will impact him in such a way that he will not want them to leave.  hmmmm how do I explain that?

He also was at a birthday party on Saturday that he did not want to leave--after all they gave him a foam sword and sheild to take home.  He got to play in sand, a bounce house, a tree house, and a trampoline.  Oh my goodness, and there were children EVERYWHERE!  He was a truly happy little boy.  Hmmm what am I going to do with him tomorrow?  Monday?  when I'm here alone with him and the dog and the cat?  time to get creative I guess.

stay tuned.


  1. I would think that Peter, a known international expert on "air releases" will be a good resource in your learning process. It is so cool that burps and "other air releases" are universal! No translation needed! Never thought of it that way. I think I am going to go home now and practice some of my "Chinese" :)

  2. Mr. Rau,
    Once again you make me chuckle. You, being the professional on "all manor of air release" and other such obnoxious boy behavior -- even in foreign countries....just sayin'.

  3. In Japan, slurping and burping while eating is a form of flattery to the cook...