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My Family
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Monday, January 16, 2012

All ready to go...just like a fireman.

Each day is getting a little better with the wearing schedule.  We are not being rigid about it, but particularly if we go out someplace, I'm asking him to put them on so I don't have to carry him and he can be more motivated to actually walk.

Getting them on and off has been getting easier and easier.  Whew!  So glad for that.

Somehow I had in my head that we could put shoes and socks on these feet and just leave them there and not worry about getting them on and off all the time.  But, with the style of skinny jeans he likes to wear, that just ain't practical.  So, we've been taking the shoes off, but, fyi, slip ons don't really "slip on" very well when a foot is stationary and not flexible.

So today, Lucas discovered he could slip his prosthesis off after pulling his jeans down past his knees, but without completely removing them, thus also keeping the shoes and socks on as well.  He was so excited, because...drum roll please.....

"it's just like a fireman"

you see, since he has seen how they do this so many times he knows they leave their boots and pants almost attached and sitting right by their truck door or next to their bed so they can just "jump right into them" in a hurry.  So, with great pride and a huge grin on his face, this is what he has decided to do as well...
it's not quite as simple as just jumping into them, since he has to put on a sock first and then the inner lining, but he is very excited about the fact that they are just sitting and waiting for him "just like a fireman's boots" (although he called them 'boats')

on a separate yet related note...
Today I asked Lucas if his little feet that he had removed ever hurt him in the past.  I asked because he never once has said he wishes he had his feet back.  He said "yes"...I think he often walked relatively long distances to school or ran around a lot outside.  He said when he did that his feet would hurt him a lot.  Now he has no pain because they are gone and he seems just relieved.  We have a way to go with getting the kinks worked out and the knees to bend, etc.  But, he is only looking forward.  He is NOT looking back.  I have so much to learn from this little man.  And his determination is contagious. 

(another side note? can I do that?) this is gross so if you don't like gross don't read any further...
today we went to the grocery store.  Lucas saw a bottle in the middle of the parking lot with something in it and said "we can't leave dat der".  He walked several parking places over and made me pick it up.  It totally disturbed him that someone would leave garbage like that in the middle of the parking lot.  After it was too late, and I had already picked it up, I realized it was open and full of pee.  BLAAAAAHHHHCCCHHHH!!!!! 
To honor my sweet son, I carried it all the way to the garbage can by the front door and tossed it.  But, seriously....that is GROSS!  I scrubbed my hands with those santizing wipes at the front door and then immediately went to the bathroom and washed up!!!! felt like I needed to take a shower.  
Life with Lucas!

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  1. That IS just like the firemen..there is a U-tube video by a kid that wears one prothesis and he does the same thing
    good thinking leave the trash in the parking lot.