My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Friday, January 13, 2012

lucas had a dream

As we were putting legs on this morning, Lucas smiled and said:
"Mom, you know last night what I dream about?"
I smiled, cuz I love it when he tells me his dreams.
I said:
With a huge grin he said:
"I was running"

What a precious dream for our boy....
I can only imagine the details.  But, he told me this as I was putting his legs on him so I'm assuming it means he was running like the speed of lightning with his new legs and feet.  What a sweet dream that must have been.
Wish I could have been there...

also today we watched a show about sea turtles.  Lucas kept asking where her mom and dad were.  He did not like the fact that the little turtle was floating around in the sea all by herself.  He was sure it would end with her finding her mom and dad and He was very put off by the preditors.  He wanted to protect the turtle.  Precious.


  1. Ohhh - he will be running alright! That kid will probably be doing tri-tholons before you know it! Ya know - the have them for kids...just an idea..

    Love you guys - one day we have to get the kiddos together! Luci's English is really starting to pick up! We plan to move out to Duluth near the end of the year - It would be great to live over on your side of the world!


  2. We would LOVE to get together. And definitely let me know when you move to this end of town. You know we have a HUGE asian poplutaion around here right? Grocery stores galore! Assi, Super H Mart, Mega Mart, Great Wall (specifically Chinese), etc. I'm in them every week....

    Oh and thanks for the encouragement to have him RUN FASTER!!!