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My Family
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Autistic boy sings "Open the Eyes of My heart"

A friend posted this video on Facebook, and I just was blown away by this young man.  God is using him to "see" His holiness.  I would say he has a much clearer vision of God's holiness than a lot of us do because he sees God without any barrier or distraction or preconceived notion.  God has opened his eyes to see clearly even without earthly vision.   Oh that I had such clear vision as this beautiful child.  

Open the eyes of my heart Lord
I want to see You
To see you High and lifted up
Shining in the Light of your Glory
Pour out your power and love
as we sing
Holy Holy Holy

Maybe this touches me so deeply because I have seen Lucas's faith evolving --- from someone who had never even heard the name of Jesus 10 months ago, to someone who demands we pray every mealtime and bedtime and in between if there is a need "why don't we pray right now momma?".  He sings out with all his heart, the songs he hears in church, without shame.  He even "pretends" to be our pastor and worship leader.  The eyes of Lucas's heart have been opening and are so receptive to God's word and teaching.  He's like a little sponge.  I think I'm going to teach him this song.  I'm sure he's gonna love it.

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