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My Family
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sad story--ATL officer killed

This very sweet Atlanta police officer was just killed by a drunk driver.  Looking at the picture you might brush it off as "another tragedy".  But, she was one of several officers that are at our church every week.  They have some pretty heavy security there for a variety of reasons.  But, she was oh so friendly to our sweet Lucas.  She would talk to him every time he asked questions about her walkie talkies, or badge, or whatever he asked her about.  Sweet sweet woman.  
And her life was cut short by a tragic accident caused by a drunk driver --(I think yesterday).

I am in tears...I didn't really know her personally other than those interactions with Lucas.  But, how do I explain this to him?  The boy who LOVES everything to do with Firemen and Police Offiers?  He will surely know she is not there.  How do I explain "drunk driver?"  How do I explain, he just talked to her a few days ago and now she's gone? 
So so so so Sad.......

more info here:

We won't be telling Lucas until AFTER his birthday Tomorrow...We have to tell him before church on Sunday.  Just so hard.

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  1. The Lord decided It was time for Lucas' friend to join Him in heaven. Although you wish she was still here, she is the most happiest ever where she is now. Someone was careless driving their car and hit her in an accident and she died.

    That's how to explain it. The driver was careless by driving drunk, so that isn't a lie, but it is giving information at a level a child can grasp. In a couple years the subject of drunk driving will return, and you can explain more about this woman's death then.

    God be with the woman's family and those who will miss her.