My Family

My Family
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Shoes for Lucas!!!

Today Peter, Lucas and I took a journey to the Mall of Georgia to look for a new pair of shoes for those new feet

Lucas put his legs on in the car and walked all the way to the store, through the mall and into Old Navy where we found a sweet pair of slip-ons for $10 on sale....wahoo!!!

When we were checking out, the clerk said she was about to scold us for taking picutres in the store.  I guess there is a corporate policy about it.  But, then she saw that it appeared to be a big deal even though she didn't know what it was.  Then when she found out, she said she would have bent the rules anyway.

look at those HUGE feet....these are size TWO!!!  prior to surgery he was in a toddler size 6.  
That's a big leap!

This pose was Lucas's idea...

 Then after a great day of walking and shopping, we rewarded the boy with a rare opportunity to actually jump on those trampolines at the mall.  (we don't normally do that stuff)...He had a blast!!!


  1. So happy for him. What a special family day!!

  2. He is so freaking cute!! Thanks for sharing the photos.