My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Thursday, July 21, 2011

...and then there were stories......and lots of play today...

The past few days Lucas has been quite the story teller.  He is beginning to tell us stories of his life in China.  He is telling me more and more about the caretakers, the kids, the food, what they did, etc.  I'm probing a little and he is totally good with answering my questions.  Some of it is kind of funny stuff like the boy he didn't like because he didn't brush his teeth---"he was stinky"....
He has told me they ate noodles, dumplings, rice, watermelon, juice, white milk.  Uh hummmm -- then how come he now asks for chocolate or strawberry milk and turns his nose up to white milk?  hmmmmm??

He has told me a few of the older kids were mean.  But, overall I cannot get a sense that he was mistreated in anyway.  Another testimony to the wonderful SWI (social welfare institute) he was in.  We are pretty certain he was very well cared for.

Today Lucas and I spent the entire day alone at home.  He has pulled out so many toys including but not limited to...Lincoln Logs, Duplos, and Playdough.

Right now daddy is just coming home and he is crawling around on the floor with Buddy pretending to be a dog.  LOVE that stuff!

He has been a very happy boy today.

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